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Tarology Candle - The Empress

Tarology Candle - The Empress

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THE EMPRESS FIR NEROLI The empress represents flamboyant feminine energy. Bathed in a feeling of abundance, the empress is creative, fertile, to the point of being both sensual and fertile woman. A potential mother, fully fulfilled in her feminine body, she overflows with love, including for herself, and shows herself gifted for happiness.

Handmade candle in Paris
Can burn up to 45 hours
Dimensions: 7.5CM (d) x 9CM (h)
Net weight: 350g
Volume: 200g
List of ingredients: 100% vegetable soy wax
Composition: scented vegetable wax
Materials: glass

Paolina Biguine, creator of TAROLOGY PAO, has an atypical career path. Journalist and tarot reader at the same time, this personal development enthusiast seems to have the vocation of opening minds. Its range of candles offers an extension of its drawings, awakening the energies necessary to perfect its guidance.
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