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Shopping in Oyster Farm

Shopping in Oyster Farm

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Ultra light, quiet and very easy to handle (scooter wheels with ball bearings and stainless steel screws), the handles are adjustable and the bottom is reinforced.
With or without bike attachment, the shopping is an ultra-light caddy. 15Kg of goods don't scare him. The center of gravity being very low, the balance of the bike remains stable.

The locker collection is made from the polypropylene mesh used in the manufacture of oyster bags. These pockets are used to store spat (young oysters) to raise them, sometimes on the foreshore, sometimes in a pond. This locker mesh is therefore very light and extremely resistant.
100% French manufacturing: Designed by Marina Richer in her workshop in La Rochelle, all models in the Casier collection are manufactured by two workshops in La Rochelle.

Length 38cm
Width 38cm
Depth 55cm
volume 35L
Weight 1.4 Kg without fixing, 2 Kg with fixing


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