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Metatron Plate

Metatron Plate

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Used in sacred geometry, the Metatron Cube is one of its most powerful symbols. A great concentrate of energy, it would open the soul and the spirit. It is very often considered as the link, the “synthesis” of all the elements of life and the universe. It contains within itself several forms coming from the very essence of our world.

If you have little or no knowledge of sacred geometry, it may be difficult for you to identify each of these shapes at first glance, as the subject is so vast. The latter are in fact relatively complex, especially since they are superimposed on each other.

In reality, through the 13 circles and 78 lines that compose it, Metatron's Cube contains the 5 Platonic solids, the Merkabah (also called star tetrahedron) and the golden ratio on a single geometric figure.

Metatron's Cube contains within it the flower of life, in other words, the Seed of Life and the Merkabah.

The virtues of Metatron's Cube

The famous Sacred Geometry Cube is often used individually to implement life projects or to promote spiritual awakening through meditation and prayer.

Keep bad energies away

In the field of spirituality, the Metatron Cube is considered the most powerful protection against bad vibes.

Thanks to its high vibration rate, it helps you keep bad energies at bay. A true energy concentrate, you can use it at different times in your life, particularly when you feel a need for peace and inner harmony.

Whatever form you use it, the Metatron Cube can be useful for you to get through difficult times, accept change or make an important decision related to your personal or professional life.

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