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Bâtonnet Palo santo

Bâtonnet Palo santo

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Palo Santo is a tree native to South America, called “Sacred Wood” by the Incan shamans who used it as a purifying incense. A very spiritual side but also real benefits for the body and mind.

It purifies and cleanses energies
According to tradition, when wood is burned, it eliminates negative energy to restore tranquility and calm.

It brings creative inspiration
The scent of burning wood is shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve clarity and focus.

A natural anti-inflammatory
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, used in palo santo oil is known to relieve joint pain, colds, asthma, headaches but also anxiety or depression.

Attract protection and luck
By burning it, you eliminate negative energies and welcome positivity and luck. Set your intention based on what you want to see in your life and then move from one point to another in your home.

Calms the mind and brings peace
Palo Santo wood is not a cure for depression or anxiety, but an integrated cleansing practice as part of a healing plan can provide real relief. By releasing a calming scent into the olfactory systems of the body and brain it creates a feeling of relaxation and calm throughout the body.

It eliminates bad odors
Its scent of burnt wood perfumes all enclosed spaces and masks persistent bad odors.

It naturally repels insects
The resin contains a scent that is not appreciated by mosquitoes and other flying insects.

It helps with meditation
Ideal for clearing the mind, we recommend burning a stick of palo santo before a meditation or yoga session.

How to use palo santo:
Light your stick using a lighter or the flame of a candle then let it burn for about 30 seconds.
Gently blow out the flame then go around your apartment or the space to be purified with your smoking stick. Then place your stick in a non-flammable container and let it finish burning. Your wood can be reused several times.

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