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Twisted Buddhist bangle-Gold

Twisted Buddhist bangle-Gold

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Buddhist bangles are true pieces of jewelry for happiness.

Each piece of jewelry is sealed with a mantra of love and luck. These are real amulets to wear every day.

Gold leaf fills each piece of jewelry, sealed with a blessing and oils.

The jewelry is light, flexible, comfortable, resistant to water and time.

Wear in odd numbers in parentheses 3,5,7 etc...), because it brings good luck, it is an original bracelet, available in natural gold colors.

We offer you Kumali brand bangles because we know that they are produced in Thailand and in a highly artisanal setting.

Treat yourself, treat your loved ones to a piece of happiness jewelry, and let yourself be carried away by the serenity you need Cue daily, Buddhist kumali bangles are also an original and symbolic gift idea for all occasions.

Composition :

PVC materials, with gold foil

Color, in shades of yellow gold, rose gold or white gold

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