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Bundle of White Sage, Lavender & Amethyst

Bundle of White Sage, Lavender & Amethyst

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Combined with sprigs of lavender and an Amethyst stone, this Sage stick dissipates negative emotions, anxiety, stress and vibrations responsible for mental tension.

White sage:

White sage is known for eliminating heavy energies such as bad vibes, entities, busy places. She allows the opening of the heart and conscience. Used since the dawn of time by Native American Shamans, sage remains the best purifier.


Amethyst contributes to restful and deep sleep. This intense purple stone helps relax muscles, mental tensions and eliminates nightmares.


Brings calm and allows access to inner peace.

To use it, you must light the bundle and fan it using your hand, a fan or like the Native Americans with a feather.
You must then pass the bundle all over the house, or in other places, paying particular attention to the corners. Do not hesitate to open all the cupboards beforehand so that the smoke can also reach them. After going everywhere, put out the bundle which will be reusable later (at least two or three uses per bundle).
Avoid breathing too much smoke,
open the windows of the house to ventilate and create a slight draft.

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